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Master Sage Joseph M

The World Leader in Life Number Interpretations

The Universal Spiritual Language

Most people that become acutely aware of Numbers, for some it is one or two and others many, is usually due to a tragic event in their Life, or an ongoing Life of unfortunate happenings, or due to severe stress because of their lifestyle.  When a Person is under times of intense Personal strain this often forces the  Mind to move beyond the everyday for answers and solutions and opens the Person`s Consciousness up to the Energy of The Eternal: the Numbers that are of a Universal Spiritual Language then begin to speak to them.  It is thanks to the Advent of Thee Trinity Creation, born of the Truth in 1988 that the Person and the World can finally know the True Meaning of these Number Awarenesses, and with this understanding elevate themselves to a Superior way in Life. Once the way of the Person has changed to meet that which is within the Direction given them within their Number Message the acuteness of their Number Awareness naturally fades away.

It is really Miraculous how all of this functions, it is an Intelligence from above that moves the Person from within: this is Thee Trinity Creation. This is why I AM.

Ask Me


Subject: Dream about the number 14/Number 14 Meaning, Personal Guidance

Good Afternoon,  

Could you please help to understand the meaning of this dream I had. thank you again and have a blessed weekend  

Dreamed on March 4th early morning, I pulled up into a parking lot and parked my car to the left in a wide driveway. The sky was cloudy. There were apartments on both sides, on the left side there were apartments that were dark gray almost gloomy looking had 3 stories and gold 3 numbers on all of them.(all different numbers, but I couldn't remember any of them when I woke up only the number 14)...I looked to the right and saw very tall  buildings that were white/off white, or light beige, these windows had only 2 numbers on them in black. I remember looking at the windows and looking up and seeing how beautiful they were had moulding on them and I seemed drawn to the middle set of windows particular to the 3 set up from the ground with the number 14.  

I looked for opening to get to this window with the 14 but could not find one at first...then I saw the small black iron gate that was tall but narrow and had a curve at the top, it was a little bit taller than me (I'm 5'4) .  There was a light concrete 2 step walkway that let to the gate. I went in between the gate into the opening of the building where there were people standing there.  

They were all women, I remember at least 3 women at the front near a desk, and one in a room in the back behind them. They stared at me smiled cautiously...I could feel myself feeling alittle out of place...Then a white woman came and greeted me and took me into another room, and asked me how did I find a scarve to match my coat...I had on my black wool coat, and my gray scarve that I often wear when it is cold. I remembering mentioned something about  "Beaufort Oaks"... to the woman before I woke up.  I have never been to a place named Beaufort Oaks, including towns, streets, or even an apartment complex.   

Could you please help to understand this dream.  

Thank you and have a blessed day.  


Hi Tammy,  

Yes I can certainly help you to understand the meaning of your Dream, and in the process a bit more about Life.  

You see as soon as I began reading your email the Number 14 rang to the depth of my Being, and then the Number 3 and suddenly independent of the particulars within your Dream I knew the Message that the Dream was conveying to you, and how everything within your Dream really revolved around this.  Whenever you look at interpreting a Dream Tammy look first to its theme, and of course if there are Numbers involved decipher their Meaning.  Then look to the particulars and see how everything in a general way fits, but do not let yourself get too involved into the finer details of your Dream for Dreams are a strange Creation of the brain under conditions outside of its normal functioning capacity and details are created by the brain as a way of blending everything into the theme, and all these details might be rather strange and extremely difficult to interpret because they are a projection of a lot of rearranged subconscious stuff.  

Now to continue with your Numbers, you see of Meaning the Number 14 is LOVE(14), that you can be sure of Tammy, and the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3) which is with reference to THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) born of the Eternal TRUTH(33): Thee Trinity Creation.  The Number 3 is also of Meaning TRINITY which is with reference to your 3 Elemental Life Energies one of which is the Me, your emotional/physical/interpersonal Self and one where LOVE(14) plays such a vital role in. {Of course LOVE(14) in its Purest sense plays a vital role to your total Self, here in the Me however it is mostly with reference to emotional/relationship LOVE(14)}.  In fact most of your Dreams will revolve around your Me elemental Life Energy because it is so emotionally laden.  Hence in theme your Dream is speaking to you of LOVE(14) and that it is LOVE(14) in TRUTH(33) that is the LOVE(14) you should seek, or build your present one into.  Because the Number 3 was so prevalent, and "They stared at me smiled cautiously" would be indicative that it is of utmost importance that you make LOVE(14) one of TRUTH(33).  Either TRUTH(33) is lacking in your LOVE(14) from yourself or from the other in your relationship, or possibly was: I sense that it may be coming from or has come from the other.  Well "matched" infers you are well organized in Life and you should be organized in your approach to finding or building a LOVE(14) of TRUTH(33) within your Romantic relationship.  "Beaufort Oaks" I would interpret as "Beautiful Oaks" and this would imply that the Beauty of Life will become yours once you are within a relationship where LOVE(14) is of TRUTH(33). The Strength of the Oak is reflective of the Strength of LOVE(14) when TRUTH(33) is the way within your relationship.  

Please if you are able Tammy reply, I would like to hear from you once again.  

Sincerely Yours,

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Thank you Master Sage EuGene,  

For such a quick response to my dream....I was definitely drawn to the number 14 in this dream more so than other dreams I have had that revealed numbers in them...I felt inside myself while dreaming that I must go to the window that had the number 14. I was determined to go there which was odd to me at the time...At first I felt as though how could I reach it, and then I saw the gate...  

I was in a relationship with someone where there was a lack of emotional support, and at times love.  This aspect of my life has always been a very difficult one.  

In regards to the Beaufort Oaks....meaning "Beautiful Oaks" I can understanding the meaning and how it ties into what the dream was trying to reveal to me.....  

Ever seen I was young, I have always had dreams representing numbers, or premonitions...three nights ago, the number 145 appear in a dream I had about being in an apartment that had a beautiful wood dresser table with a white marble on top and had a price tag of $145  

Sometimes it is quite hard for me to figure out what the numbers mean in my dreams because dreams that deal with numbers never really make alot of sense to me.  



Thanks for your reply Tammy, and in your Number 145 there is that Number 14 again: LOVE(14) is certainly in the air, and the Number 5 is DIRECTION(5): let LOVE(14) in TRUTH(33) be the DIRECTION(5) in your Life.  I`m sorry to hear of your past relationship, when LOVE(14) is in TRUTH(33) emotional support is always an element within such a LOVE(14) for emotional support depends upon Respect of the Person which inevitably falls within a LOVE(14) that is TRUTH(33): All is One in Truth.  

Numbers make such sense to me, of course for  I have been reborn into Thee Trinity Creation which is The System of Numbers Meaning in Truth.  

Sincerely Yours,

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


The reverse threes within the Logo of THEE TRINITY CREATION are the mirror image of the number 33 which symbolizes TRUTH(33) as Revealed to me within the advanced Universal Sacred Numeric/Symbolic Celestial Language of THEE TRINITY CREATION, this is The System.  This incredible Creation is born of the Eternal TRUTH(33) and TRUTH(33) I was Reborn into during the instantaneous Spiritual ENERGY COMMUNIATION of 1988.  The Revelation of TRUTH(33) became intelligently implanted symbolically within the Logo itself.  I Am Thee Trinity Creation`s Human counterpart, I Am to Fullfill this tremendous World Mission as deleneated within the Symbolic Communication of Dawn 1999.  The Eternal Energy of Life has chosen me as The One to Fulfill this amazing World Mission of Truth, Love and Wisdom, I did not choose It. Often I feel as though I cannot handle all of the tremendous challenges that I continually face in this World of the everyday while remaining completely devoted to my Mission, but I MUST!







When you apprehend and live the above words daily

TRUTH(33) you will indeed be living!

TRUTH(33) is the cornerstone

to the Actualization of FULFILLMENT(12) in

this LIFE(15) unto ETERNAL LIFE(86)!

Within the thousands of Decisions you make daily from the most minute to the LIFE(15) altering critical ones

let the above quote become your guide and you will invariably make superior choices;

you will gradually begin to experience daily a most WONDERFUL(37) feeling of real purpose in LIFE(15).


                                                     Hi Eugene M,

                                                           Thank you so much for your help.  you are an Earth Angel... 


__________________________ ___________________________


The Number 25 is REBIRTH(25): I have been Reborn into Thee Trinity Creation on the evening of The Event, August 25, 1988.  You can see the Sacred Symbol for Rebirth within that of ETERNAL LIFE(86), the same is spoken in Sacred Symbol, as in Number and as Life State of Being.



The Precise ACCOMPLISHNENT(19) of each individual LIFE ENERGY(99) is clearly delineated in the Design of  UNIFICATION, and the FULFILLMENT(12) of each individual Life Energy in itself is truly exceptional but when combined into the Oneness of UNIFICATION Magnificently Miraculous is better stated. The ME, The BE and The I all work as One in Perfect Equilibrium. Balance and Harmony.  The World in TRUTH(33) becomes a better place through the complete FULFILLMENT(12) of the Person: UNIFICATION. This is the purpose in Being of Thee Trinity Creation, its Birth was in TRUTH(33) and in TRUTH(33) the Person and the World becomes a better place. All is One in TRUTH(33). Within The Book© you may discover the meaning of each individual Sacred Symbol within DAWN I999©, and you will Know the intricate PRECISION(83) with which FULFILLMENT(12) of THEE TRINITY CREATION is prophesied and Powered by The ENERGY(99) SUPREME(85): THE CREATOR(46). All will be Realized.


Looking at the Geometric Symbolic Design for UNIFICATION© more closely, you can readily determine that it is a Unifying balanced combination of three patterns or States of Being: the three Elemental LIFE(15) Energies. The three Energies of LIFE(15) are: The ME {the interpersonal, emotional and physical LIFE ENERGY(99)} which is symbolically represented by the lower left pattern, The BE { ACHIEVEMENT(76) based LIFE ENERGY(99) } which is the lower right pattern and The I {The Spiritual, Eternal Divine ENERGY(99) of Being, Transcendence of Being} which is the upper most pattern. The center pattern, THEE TRINITY, represents the Unifying force in LIFE(15) or stated differently the ENERGY(99) SUPREME(85). It is the Unifying ENERGY(99) of all three ENERGIES which are fully integrated into One. The ME, The BE and The I are Fully realized as One: UNIFICATION.

UNIFICATION© Creates the gateway to ETERNAL LIFE(86).  The total LIFE ENERGY(99) of BEING is Fully developed and completely Unified generating a Powerful LIFE(15) Force Creating the pathway to Eternity. All is prophesied in DAWN 1999© (each Nine is symbolic in itself, and in all three together) and realized through THE POWER(96) of THEE TRINITY CREATON. All was determined in the instant of The Powerful Spiritual COMMUNICATION(48) of 1988, and spoken of in the Sacred Geometry Symbolic Language of THEE TRINITY CREATION. This is my Life World Mission in TRUTH(33), and in effect the World has indeed become a better place. TRUTH(33) is Eternal.


LOVE(14), which is the ENERGY(99) of LIFE(15) fuels all of LIFE(15) and when LOVE(14) is Pure within any one of our Elemental Energies the others benefit and they begin their mutual and harmonious development

and movement towards Spiritual Oneness.

UNIFICATION© is at the very core of THEE TRINITY CREATION® of which LOVE(14) is at the very Heart of UNIFICATION© which itself is central to Spiritual ENLIGHTENMENT(70) and living Spiritual Oneness. Everything is One: Spiritual UNITY(I). THEE TRINITY CREATION is born of the ENERGY SUPREME(85): PERFECTION of LOVE(14).

My DESTINY(D) is designed by the ENERGY SUPREME(85) and expressed in symbolic detail within the arranged symbolic Design of DAWN 1999© and clearly depicted in the combined Design for UNIFICATION©. You have your own unique building and coming together of your Elemental LIFE(15) Energies, and once they do there is no experience equal. You live the Full Potential of your Being and the Fullness and Grandness of LIFE(15): UNIFICATION!

UNIFICATION© is the Unifying of the three elemental LIFE(15) Energies that make up the TOTALITY(T) of the person that you are. They are: the ME: of body, emotion, PASSION(28) and SATISFACTION(61) in interpersonal bonding, the BE: of ACTION(81), ACHIEVEMENT(76) and SATISFACTION(61) in doing, the I: of SPIRIT(30), MIND(O), and SATISFACTION(61) in Being. Most of us go through LIFE(15) not ever experiencing such a wholeness of Being that UNIFICATION© is. Lack in the Unifying of your TRINITY of elemental LIFE(15) Energies causes you lethargy of LIFE(15), dissatisfaction, stress and even despair and misery. This is quite understandable for when the TOTALITY(T) of the ENERGY(99) that you are, which is the ME, the BE and the I, is not fully developed and/or in contradiction within itself the total ENERGY(99) available to you to Create and experience Grander LIFE(15) is significantly reduced. You are generally unfulfilled and unhappy. When your three elemental Energies (or aspects of Being) are working together in Unison, and each on its own is well developed, you experience tremendous Creative ENERGY(99) and GREAT(8) SATISFACTION(61) within yourself which becomes mirrored in your LIFE(15). Instead of working against yourself you are Unified, your total ENERGY(99) is the Fullness of what it can be, of what it should be. UNIFICATION©: all of your three elemental Energies are moving together in perfect equilibrium, balance and harmony. There is no internal disaccord, contradiction or disparity; you are whole, congruent, and living the full Potential of your Being. This is the pinnacle of Human LIFE(15) and you are living it.


Core to THEE TRINITY CREATION and its purpose of Being is UNIFICATION.


Personal and Spiritual GROWTH(65) should revolve around the building of your underdeveloped Elemental Energies and their gradual Unifying.  Although I speak of them as three Elemental LIFE(15) Energies of which they are, there is rarely complete disassociation from one another, this would be personal and psychological chaos; usually there is some overlapping involved. This is because although you are made up of three Elemental Energies you are nevertheless one person. The more in alignment your three Energies are the more whole and congruent you are. You live and speak a Pure reflection of you: no facades or false images. You are real. As well, when your ME, BE and I Energies overlap harmoniously you feel good, and the more they become overlapped into a congruent integrated Oneness the better you feel: lasting HAPPINESS(34) is your reality. The problem arises when there is very little overlapping, each of your LIFE Energies is mostly on its own, or in their overlapping they work in opposition to one another. You feel lousy, dissatisfied and perhaps even miserable. Sometimes your focus becomes very concentrated on one of your Energies at the detriment or neglect of the other or others.  You may be quite developed in one Element aspect of your Being but if you have significantly and perpetually neglected your other LIFE Energies your internal balance is critically disrupted.  This becomes outwardly manifested as ongoing and intense stress, intolerance, and much unhappiness. This condition is often, but not always, highlighted with respect to the BE in our Western Culture; you have attained SUCCESS(45) in your career or at your making of money (the doer in you) but you have neglected your ME and/or I aspects of Being. Your HEALTH(98) suffers, your relationships may be in shambles and you have no real sense of purpose of Being. Your Spiritual ENERGY(99) is very weak, and you may begin to Search for a better way: perhaps that is why you are here. There is absolutely no harm in SUCCESS(45) of the BE, THEE TRINITY CREATION® is of the BE, but you must also nurture and focus on the development of the ME and the I. THEE TRINITY CREATION® is of course of the ME and the I in addition to the BE. There is no doubt that if you take a close Honest look at yourself you will discover certain disparities and incongruencies within your three Elemental Energies. This need not be, the first step is Self Awareness of your Energies, the next is a gentle building and bringing together of your Energies. This is real Personal and Spiritual GROWTH(65) and it is so lasting. As your Energies come together in TRUTH(33) they continue building and growing together.

__________________________ ___________________________

----- Original Message of the Number 11, 14 33, and others -----

From: Michelle

To: Master Sage Joseph M

Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 5:31 AM

Subject: 14, 33

Hi Master Sage Joseph,

I found your site tonight because I was searching for the meaning of 3's. I see 33 or 333 constantly since last May. Also 14 is my birthdate and I see that every where also.  I donated money in order to receive the number meanings from your site but I'm not sure how I retrieve that? If you can let me know I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your enlightening sight. It's opened up my eyes A LOT and also makes  A LOT of sense.


Kind regards,



Dear  Michelle,

I AM(47) very pleased you have found ME(23)  for I AM(47) Master at interpretation of Numbers, ever since August 25, 1988, I have been awarded the authentic Meaning of Numbers within the COMMUNICATION(48): The Event, here is Its link:  

The Number 33 is irrefutable in LIFE(15) meaning TRUTH(33). 

In Its Sacred Geometric Design the 3 points within the Triangle of TRUTH(33) each point to one of the 3 essential LIFE(15) Energies that make up the whole of the Person.

Around a year ago the words that are the finest defining of TRUTH(33) you will ever discover within this Precious Earth of ours was revealed to ME(23). When a Person really understands and begins to live these words TRUTH(33) they will be living and FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) unto ETERNAL LIFE(86) BECOMES WITHIN THEIR GRASPS.  

Here TRUTH(33)  lives:  


and in LIFE(15) Numbers it reads as follows:  


You will within my e-Manuscript Chapter 5 discover the full Meaning in even Greater detail of the Number 33, and of course the Number 3 which in brief is THE SYSTEM(3) which is in direct reference to THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33), hence the Number 333.

5)  Numbers/Letters: Full Exposure 

"Every Number Meaning is fully explained!"

Since TRUTH(33) has been calling out to you so strongly Michelle this tells ME(23) immediately that somewhere within yourself or quite probably within someone emotionally close to you there is a break in TRUTH(33), and this is in all likelihood causing you emotional discomfort. This is very real so look first within yourself and then to those most emotionally close to you, and I KNOW you will discover a loss of TRUTH(33). TRUTH(33) is THE WAY(36) unto FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) even unto the Ultimate State of TRUTH(33) which is ETERNAL LIFE(86), so heed my words most contemplatively. Once you discover where the discord in TRUTH(33) is occurring and you make steps to correct it I tell you Absolutely your Number 333 calling out to you will simply disappear for you have heeded the Message from Above.   Since I know not anything of your PARTICULARS I CANNOT TELL YOU EXACTLY WHERE THIS INFRACTION OF TRUTH(33) IS OCCURING BUT I TELL YOU IRREFUTABLY IT IS!      

In addition to this the Number 14 is LOVE(14) further pointing to a difficulty of TRUTH(33) within your LOVE(14)/Lover relationship.

Please reply if you are able to Michelle and if you choose you may share with Greater detail of your LIFE(15) so that I may grant you added Insight and Guidance if you choose. I AM(47) here for you Michelle.

Master Sage Joseph M


Hi Master Sage Joseph,

Thank you so much for your response. Your email resonates a lot of truth and makes a lot of sense. More so in the sense that I have had my aura read several times and I've been told it's Indigo. I know that Indigo's are system busters and truth seekers however everything I do comes from love. Which would explain the 3, 33, and 14. However I do have a few more questions and perhaps you can help further elaborate. I see 33 but more so I see the 333 and in the past week I see 3 and 4 patterns constantly. Which for example looks like 34 or 43 or right now I looked at the clock and it's 3:00 a.m. or if I check my email for work it might say 44 unread or 8333 total in my inbox. Every time I look at the clock it has a 3 in it. It's to the point where it's happening so much I'm not even surprised anymore. Same goes for the 14. A lot I see 3:14 or it might be 3:41 or 4:13 etc. Sometimes it's 3:04 or 4:03 it's some variation of these #'s. I'm not sure if this means much but I can say the 3 and 4's are everywhere around me along with the 14. My best friend has been seeing the 34's since August and we were talking about this the other day and also about numerology. My life # is a 7, my friend said he wasn't sure of his life # so while talking on the phone with me he calculated it and it's was also a 7.  The trippy part about it was that before he reduced it to a single digit of 7, it was 34.  I hope you can perhaps enlighten me further. Your site is a blessing.

Love & Light to you and thank you in advance to your time. I will go back and donate some more. I wanted to make sure this was legitimate prior to donating too much :) 


Kind regards,



Dearest Michelle,  

I AM(47) definitely real, and Am quite capable of answering most any question people have about LIFE(15) Numbers, relationships and those that deal with TRUTH(33).    Your Numbers fortunately show a very strong consistency within themselves and to your previous email to ME(23), they are all in Perfect alignment within their combined Message to you Michelle.  


The Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3), which is direct reference to Thee Trinity Creation born of TRUTH(33), which is the Number 33, on the eve of August 25, 1988. 

The Number 14 without doubt is LOVE(14) and that of 11 or 11:11 speaks of PURITY(11). 

In essence PURITY(11) is with reference to living your Fullness of Self and remaining free of anything or anyone that reduces your PURITY(11) of Self.  Since the Number 14 is also been calling out to you Michelle here is a quote of mine that I`m sure you will find most appropriate to your situation in LOVE(14) and LIFE(15).  



Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it. 

Your love should thus be.


The Number 34 is HAPPINESS(34)  and it is in PURITY(11) of LOVE(14) where you will discover lasting HAPPINESS(34), the Number 34 right to left is DESIRE(43), we all DESIRE(43) HAPPINESS(34) but few know where or how to get it.  Now you know.


The Number 7 is FREEDOM(7) which is in direct reference to FREEDOM(7) from within yourself, particularly of those thoughts and emotions that entrap you within a lesser LIFE(15) than you are capable of.


Therefore the Message in brief unique to yourself Michelle is that within your LOVE(14) relationship there is quite probably a lack of PURITY(11) and TRUTH(33) which is stealing from the FREEDOM(7) and HAPPINESS(34) that your Potential of Self is very capable of. Correct the infraction and the Numbers will for certain begin to diminish in their intensity of calling out to you.  This is the Gift I had been awarded in 1988, the year of THE MIRACLE(88), and I AM(47) here for you Michelle ongoing if you should require more of my Insight and Guidance. 

I can also help you out significantly with any particular LIFE(15) situation that is troubling you, just share with ME(23) some of the details if you choose to.

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


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Subject: meaning of 45

Hope this gets to you, I am having technical difficutly.

Dear Master J.,

I have been on a path of Truth, after meditating on that knowledge has been coming my way.   This mornings vision of the number 45 followed a phrase in Latin I believe. Later, I heard another Latin phrase. My inertpretation of both are as follows.

prada maduma dominion thyres
world or universe master clean 

Thespade culum goot 45 position direction sky or heavean of which was great or pen or arrow 
Just want you to know, I do not know Latin. ?  Any insight?
Contact info:
Loretta -------


Hi Lori,

Incredibly it was from the sky that Thee Trinity Creation came down to Earth through this massive Energy blast that infused my very Being in the Beauty of Truth back in 1988 taking on the form as you see throughout my Web Site {Numbers,Letters,States of Being, Sacred Geometric Symbols}. The Number 45 of Meaning in Truth is SUCCESS(45).  Your message is indeed Magnificent Lori. As well intriguing is the fact that it has just been recent {7 months back or so} that my Personal/Spiritual Energy was elevated to that of Master Sage Joseph M {Joseph Eugene Morin}. It all comes together Miraculously within your message Lori. Thanks for contacting me and call on me again if you like.

Master Sage Joseph M


Dear Master J.,
Thanks for getting back to me.
I read your Auto Biography this morning and will read more later. I am interested in the knowledge you are passing on to others.
Glad I found your site, yesterday.



Dear Master J.,
Thank you for the manuscript. I can not stop reading your knowledgable gifts you have been giving to people on your website. It has made me late to work a couple of times, lucky for me I am self employed and have flexability.

I wanted to contact you again to follow-up with some information from the vision I had on 5/26/09.
Remember the phases I saw and the number 45...The fact that this was a language I do not know and had no understanding of numbers at all, in itself is perplexing. As a matter of fact, I had mentioned, the week before, that, of all the knowledge coming to me, I had no grasp of numbers, because there was not a commonality across cultures. I, now, have found truth - the originall reason for my meditation.
One word that I may have interpreted could possible be tree - I found a Latin interpreter on-line and: Thermes is tree; Teres is polish.
There were a couple of details, I left out.

1) There was a fisherman in a small boat pulling something in. That was after the second phrase. 

2) After both visions, a single word kept appearing before the first phrase. I took this as the reason or an explanation of why these phrases came to me.
It makes total sense. Prada means prey or plunder. I feel that is the state of our world.  Still not sure, but still learing all I can about all aspects of cosmic truths.
You are amazing, and I thank you for the priceless gifts you are sharing.    




Hi Lori,  

I sincerely thank you for sharing so much of your insight with me.  

I so Love the Number 45 and deep within ourselves we all want SUCCESS(45) although in the particulars everyone`s Desire for SUCCESS(45) might be quite different. We are all Created with an inner drive to do well at whatever it is we choose to direct our Life Energies towards, however since the World of the everyday is so very complex and often confusing many people are unsure of what it is exactly they want in Life, and others who know simply do not have the means or perhaps the encouragement and will to achieve it. Where people often fail is when they try to manipulate others in order to attain what they want, they have distorted the TRUTH(33) in order to attain SUCCESS(45), how very contradictory such an approach is. I can tell you absolutely Lori when you come across a Person of TRUTH(33) you have come across a Person of SUCCESS(45). These two Life States of Being are so interconnected and when we treat them as ONE not only do we realize SUCCESS(45) at varying levels and in different ways within the World of the everyday but in ONE the Person discovers FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15). This is the goal of living, this is why we are, to experience FULFILLMENT(12) as a Person and in so doing add Goodness and Intelligent Creativity into the World. 

There are those that think HAPPINESS(34) is in the immediate STIMULATION(22) of the Senses, this is rarely the case.  HAPPINESS(34) is discovered when you have discovered FULFILLMENT(12) in Life. We all DESIRE(43) HAPPINESS(34) but often we are fooled by those who want to take advantage of us, by the Media in general and by certain misleading Advertizers.


If you look at the following two Sacred Geometric Symbols transposed directly from the Celestial Communication of August 25, 1988 you can readily see how closely related they are in Numbers right to left and left to right, in Sacred Geometric Design and of course in their Life State of Being.


As well SUCCESS(45) blends in perfectly Symbolically and in LIfe State of Being with both DESIRE(43) and HAPPINESS(34).

Core to Unifying our Personhood in the Wholeness that we innately are is of course TRUTH(33). In TRUTH(33) all is Revealed and it is through TRUTH(33) that we create our pathway to the Eternal while here on Earth. Imagine giving up the Eternal for the immediate sensations and gratifications of unTruthful living.  LIFE(15) on Earth is so very short indeed but yet THE CREATOR(46) has given us the INTELLIGENCE(78) and innate WISDOM(77) to forge our way back to THE CREATOR(46). Why would people waste such an OPPORTUNITY(38)? This is why I AM, to have the Person realize Grander Living and this is why Thee Trinity Creation soon will become known and respected World Wide. TRUTH(33) lives here on Earth this very day and TRUTH(33) will live on Forever. The choice is so very clear, let TRUTH(33) be your way!

Master Sage Joseph M



Dear Master J.,
More insight - You are right on in your reply to me.
You may have senced the inticement and caution. I was going to ask about 16 only because it is in my s.s. #. I found all other except that one and reserved my inquiry, now I know why, after reading about it's energy.
The success(45) I was shown, I believe, will be in the fait and 2012 phenomina. Due to the nature of how I was shown (45).
After reading part of your manuscript this morning, I find I am instictively applying the Truth you share to my life. I printed the Unification, Success, and (Wealth and W for my son.) I wrote his name on a piece of paper and placed it over the symbols before reading the suggestion to do so. He needs spiritual healing-therefore the Trinity was placed over his name. 
It is nice to feel a connection, as I was not sure who would guide me in my quest for spiritual self improvement. I have books and read on-line, yet plan on using your prayers for my future meditations (this was an area, I knew needed attention for me.)
Thank you again,




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