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----- In Truth a Message of the Number 333 -----

From: Triggs

To: Master Sage Joseph M

Subject: please advise: 3:33

Dear Master Sage Joseph,

For the past 3 nights I have awoken with an urgency to arsie at which time the clock on my computer reads 3:33 am exactly the same each of the three consecutive mornings,,, I am on dissablity and have some health issues and recently my ill nother had to come and move in with me form tennessee,,, I like to consider myself wiccan but do not reallty practice the way I want to due to lack of esperience... I do believe in  higher powers , and I am very sensitive to what others are thinking and feel ing most of the time,, I am usually very good at reading between the lines but this has left me stumped...,  I have read several interpretaions of this number and am at a loss as to what believe...  

message or warning....

thanks for your time



Dearest Triggs,  

There are many who speak of Number interpretations but they really do not know the authentic Meaning of LIFE(15) Numbers, I have been blessed with the Knowing back in August 25, 1988, and here is the story if you choose to read it.  

It does disturb ME(23) slightly that those of little knowing pretend to be of Grander Knowing but this is THE WAY(36) our Capitalistic Society operates, it is usually all about making more money or gaining Grander popularity which inevitably leads to making money and possibly easier sex.  

Now on to your Number and the genuine Meaning that will indeed provide you with some real Guidance in LIFE(15) Triggs. The Number 33 without doubt is TRUTH(33) and the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3), which is in direct reference to the COMMUNICATIONB(48) of 1988, hence you have entered THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) in which my REBIRTH(25) of SPIRIT(30) in TRUTH(33) was thus realized.  I do not wish to get too involved here but I want you to understand what I AM(47) about to share with you is so very real, no fabrication in the least.  


Since the Number 33 is TRUTH(33) and the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) within these rests

your Message of an elevated order.  

This tells ME(23) immediately that somewhere within yourself or perhaps within someone emotionally close to you there is a break in TRUTH(33), and this is in all likelihood causing you emotional discomfort. This is very real so look first within yourself and then to those most emotionally close to you, and I KNOW you will discover a loss of TRUTH(33). TRUTH(33) is THE WAY(36) unto FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) even unto the Ultimate State of TRUTH(33) which is ETERNAL LIFE(86), so heed my words most contemplatively Triggs. Once you discover where the discord in TRUTH(33) is occurring and you make steps to correct it I tell you Absolutely your Number 333 calling out to you will simply disappear for you have heeded the Message from Above.  




Then if you still need ME(23) to help guide you within a particular LIFE(15) situation I will be here for you, and prompt in my reply.  

I sincerely LOVE(14) The Person and I AM(47) completely devoted to TRUTH(33), in fact around a year ago the words that are the finest defining of TRUTH(33) you will ever discover within this Precious Earth of ours was revealed to ME(23). When a Person really understands and begins to live these words TRUTH(33) they will be living and FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) unto ETERNAL LIFE(86) BECOMES WITHIN THEIR GRASPS.  

Here TRUTH(33)  lives:  


and in LIFE(15) Numbers it reads as follows:  


I wish you the very best Triggs, and remember I AM(47) here for you as you need me.  

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph M


Subject: please advise: 3:33

Thank you so much Master Sage Joseph for the work you do and answer with such love, truth and wisdom.  -Triggs


"TRUTH(33) is THE WAY(36): the only way!"


Subject: 333


Would you mind providing some insight to this number (333) that continues to appear (in time-clock) in my experience?

I often awake suddenly, and get the direction to look at the time.

I look forward to hearing your insight, and am grateful for your time.

Thank you again,



Hi Brandi,

The Number 333 is somewhat of a phenomenon unto itself, there are so many who have become acutely aware of this Number and Amazingly this Number in depth of Message is why Thee Trinity Creation has been born into the World.  You see Thee Trinity Creation is the irrefutable Numbers Meaning System, it is THE SYSTEM(3) who was born of TRUTH(33) back in 1988 in order for the Person and the World to become more Aware of and to actually live Greater TRUTH(33) in their lives.  The Number 3 is also with reference to TRINITY which is speaking of the 3 elemental Energies of which we are made up of and of which we all want Fulfillment in {the Me, your emotional/physical Self, the Be, your active success driven Self, the I your Eternal Spiritual Self}. Unfortunately few experience such Fulfillment in their Lives for TRUTH(33) is the way and few live the TRUTH(33).  


There is certainly not anything to fear in your Number experience Brandi, that I can assure you of, and when you speak the word "direction" this is indeed what the Number 333 is offering to you in Life. You see the type of Number experience that you have had I have termed Spontaneous Transient Number Awareness™ because it is an unprompted{spontaneous} Spiritual Communication  within a specific time frame {transient} directed to only you Brandi  in that particular way.

You have a very deep desire to know the TRUTH(33) Brandi even though you are not consciously aware of it, this causes you to elevate your Energy of Mind to the Realm of the Eternal in which the Communication of Numbers takes place. Your Numeric Message becomes Revealed to you through the Universal Language of Numbers originated within Thee Trinity Creation, itself born into the World from that of the Eternal TRUTH(33).

The Number 33 is a type of Universal Communication which is offering you some Life Guidance Brandi, its Message is leading you towards living a purer reflection of the Eternal TRUTH(33) and becoming aware of others who may be lacking of TRUTH(33).  In so doing you will come to experience a Greater Fulfillment of your TRINITY of Life Energies and the doors to the Eternal will be wide open for you upon your Earthly close.

Thanks for coming to me Brandi for now you know the True Meaning of the Number 333 and you can begin in full earnest to implement its Message of the Divine.

Sincerely Spoken,



Thank you EuGene, with deep sincerity.  I will look, to see where I can live with greater truth in my life.  I have begun a quest for deeper connection with the divine.

- Brandi



From: Caroline

To: Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 4:26 PM

Subject: A fellow number enthusiast.

Hello sage,

I have been reading through your page today. I believe you are connected with the truth. I have a pretty large store of notes on times and numbers that I have been paying attention to for the past few years. I am very excited that your page explains some of the numbers that I hadn't recognized the significance of. 34 being happiness (contrasted with 43 of desire), 10 being organization are extremely helpful. Also, how interesting the significance of 7, 77, and that 23 means 'me', which makes sense in alignment with the chinese zodiac system and at risk of sounding too commercial; Michael Jordan. As someone born on 12/21 your entry on the upcoming date helped me frame my purpose better for myself. I must purchase your book because there are a few key numbers that I feel I should understand. I have been through a lot to know the inevitability of truth contrasted with the lure of feigned ignorance, and yet I don't know if I am truly wise.

Thank you for reminding me of the value of gratitude, forgiveness, respect, and what was the last one?

Thank you,



Dear Caroline,

I sincerely thank you for you kindness and it has given me encouragement to continue forth for I had considered shutting down my web site due to many technical difficulties with the program Macromedia, which I use exclusively for all my updating. In fact 'The Masterpiece', a Grand page indeed has been ruined due to a Macromedia glitch in which most of the page got deleted; this was very disappointing to me. In response to your question and what was the last one? I would be most inclined to say TRUTH(33) for this is at the very core of 'Thee Trinity Creation' Itself of who I AM(47). I`m not sure if you have come across the defining of TRUTH(33) which came to me sometime ago within a deep Meditation following a very intense dream. Here it is, when a Person can really come to understand these words and begin to apply them to their everyday Decision making TRUTH(33) will indeed become a Greater part of their Life.


In fact living TRUTH(33) incorporates naturally the values of gratitude, forgiveness and respect with a WISDOM(77) to know how and when to best apply these.

I look forward to having other discussions with you Caroline and any Communications between us that might follow I promise will remain between us, I will not post any of them. This way we can speak from the Heart in TRUTH(33) about all matters of LIFE(15). One final note. In contemplating the fragile plane upon which we live I have come to realize that our Society has moved from one whereby FREESOM(7) was at its core to one of 'feardom' where trust has become virtually lost. This discomforts me and gives further encouragement to continue forth with my Mission of TRUTH(33) and in the process keeping my web site up and running.

An INSPIRATION(60) you have been to me Caroline and if you wish I can forward you the link to my e-Manuscript 2999 Everlasting which is the explanations of 'The Book' for in Its pristine form has remained exactly the same since it became Revealed to me back in 1988: just Numbers/Letters, States of Being and Sacred Geometric Symbols. This was the language of TRUTH(33) infused within my very being the evening of 'The Event'. There are no explanations, The Book, Thee Trinity Creation, is in hard copy. Here is the link to the incredible story of 'The Event'.

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


----- Original Message -----

" I have been going through the worst of times in my life and I do not know what this means."  Victoria


Subject: number life question

Hi Sage Eugene,

I was referred to you by a friend. 
I keep waking up at 3:33 a.m. and I keep seeing 9:11.  I have been going through the worst of times in my life and I do not know what this means.  I feel that I am very spiritual and something is trying to reveal itself to me but I may be out of sync with it.  I am currently 30 years old, and in the last three years I went through a divorce, relationships that do not last and my father had a heart transplant, I was fired from a job, and recently went to court to fight child custody.  Why all of this I have asked?  Why all of this?  This has left me feeling like I am hanging from a string and I may not make it through.  These numbers keep re-appearing to me and Blue Jays follow me a lot.  Whatever that may mean.  I have very vivid dreams and the symbols definitely mean something and I am trying to recognize all of this.   What is the lesson in all of this and what am I to do?..... I keep asking.  I have been looking into the meaning of the 3:33 that keeps re-appearing.  What does it mean? My lights in my house flicker a lot and they seem to burn out a lot....I wondered if this meant anything also.  Could you help?  



Dear Victoria,  

I`m truly honored that you have come to me for advice.  I know I can be of help to you in better understanding all that has happened and to the insight of your Numbers.  

Life I realize personally can be very trying, even horrendous at times, I almost lost mine back in the mid 80`s and I thought I would never come out alive of that severe suicidal time.  I had been what I believed was Spiritual, even Religious but the World of the everyday was just too much for me to handle, and the stress was extreme.  Within a very short time frame I had been separated, lost my home, no custody of my children, lost my Teaching job, became dependent on alcohol, suffered Anorexia Nervosa and then tried to end my Life.  I`m so very grateful that I survived and with it I was granted the Wisdom of Life itself and the Knowing of Numbers Meaning as Revealed to me following the Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988.  I do feel for you Victoria for I do know such suffering.  

I also know that as bad as it is in time things will shift so do not let this terrible time frame take command of you. In the worst remember it will get better, and in the worst remember you will come out better for it all, for with this you will learn a depth of Life understanding that would otherwise not be available to you.  I realize that while in suffering the only thing you want is to be free of such suffering, but try as best as you can to see that within all of this misery there is something good to be had and that is Life Wisdom.  It is through the trials and tribulations of Life that we are given the Opportunity to learn more about Life and of ourselves, and of course of others.  Some however do not learn and go on indefinitely in suffering, you will not let this happen, you will rise above the suffering and you will learn from it, I know you can Victoria and your Numbers speak of the way.  

I would not want to be without a moment of my past even though most of it was horrendous for without it I would not be the Fullness of the Person I am today, and without today I would not be the Fullness of the Person I Am tomorrow.  I have no regret whatsoever of past for it has created my present, which is very satisfying although there are everyday challenges that still present themselves. Remain strong in who you are Victoria and if there are aspects of this Person you are that you would like to see improved upon now is the time to make the necessary changes.  Your Numbers speak of the shifts you should make within yourself which will in time be reflected in your Life.  And most interesting is the Number 9 that has shown up within your Numbers for I was going to speak to you of that very aspect.  You see Victoria what saved me, and I know it can work for you, is the Meaning within that of the Number 9 which is PRAYER(9).  When all else has failed you can be assured PRAYER(9) is always there for you.  Please heed what I am saying for it is of vital importance.  Every night before you fall asleep, while lying in bed this is what I want you to.  Make sure you do this every night ongoing and if you should get up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom when you return to bed I want you to Pray, not merely a set of memorized words that someone has called a Prayer, not at all.  Your PRAYER(9) must be from the Heart in Pureness of Love and  in complete focus of your total Personal and Spiritual Energy.  Keep your words simple and repetitive, and at times you may even Transcend your words and feel the Oneness of all, that is fine.  Pray until you fall asleep, so if you should have trouble falling asleep which might be the case because of the stress you are under simply Pray until you do.  It will help in you getting to sleep and in getting back to sleep if you wake up frequently throughout the night. Remember to use simple and repetitive words that express your Love to the Creator and a beckoning that He/She will change your Life for the better.  Let your words and feelings emphasize the most important Life issues that need to be resolved, and make sure you at Peace with God while in your Prayer, do not let any stress creep into it.   

I want you to realize that your PRAYER(9) is a total abandoning of yourself to God, or to Jesus Christ if you are Christian and just let the words flow with ease. As you feel yourself getting tired just repeat the phrase " I Love you Lord Jesus" or simply " I Love You" or even just the word " Love" until you drift off to sleep.  


In addition to PRAYER(9) try and heed the Direction that is being given to you within your other Numbers: one Grand Message of a superior way in Life is here delivered to you Victoria.  Heed this Message and Pray every night and your Life will begin to shift in a positive way, I know it will. Your Number 33 in Meaning is TRUTH(33) and that of 11 is PURITY(11).  The Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3) which is with reference to Thee Trinity Creation, born of the TRUTH(33).   The Number 3 is also TRINITY(3) which is with reference to your 3 Elemental Life Energies which presently are all in depletion.  They are the Me, your emotional/physical/interpersonal Self, the Be, your active career Success driven Self, and the I, your Eternal Spiritual Self.  All aspect of your Life can begin to know Fulfillment; PRAYER(9), living TRUTH(33) and maintaining your PURITY(11) of Self are the way Victoria.   When all of your Life Energies are in Fulfillment and in harmony with one another there is not anything better in Life and the Eternal opens up to you.  This is called UNIFICATION, a key component within Thee Trinity Creation.  Here is its Symbolic representation, a bit perplexing I realize but of a tremendous depth in Meaning.  In brief the upper center Symbol is representative of the I Life Energy, the Symbol at the lower left is the Me and that of the lower right is the Be elemental Life Energy.  The very center Symbol is that of the Unifying Energy of Life which is Thee Trinity.

Remember Victoria to be True to yourself, be True to others and do not give of yourself to another unless you know he is in TRUTH(33) to you.   Stay strong at maintaining your PURITY(11) for there may be others wanting to strip you of it.

As far as the other things that have been happening, the blue jays and the light flickering they are not anything to concern yourself with Victoria.  

The lessons you are to learning are the finest lesson you can ever learn, but it is not easy learning for it is learning about Life itself.  Remember that Life may be very difficult at times but Life in itself is always Grand.  PRAYER(9), TRUTH(33) and PURITY(11) are the way to bring Life`s Grandness to the forefront of your Life experience and whenever you see these Numbers let them remind you of these Life priorities.  

Truly Yours,

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Subject: Thank you!

Master Sage Eugene,   

Your email truly meant a lot to me.  The following phrase just hit me  "be True to yourself, be True to others and do not give of yourself to another unless you know he is in TRUTH(33) to you."  I keep trusting and letting my guard down to those who are not deserving of it.  I feel like I am not paying attention to those signs given to me that are telling me to recognize that the people before me are not true to me?  I do know what you mean by the 9:11 and the 11:11 for I believe the person that I have met is not in truth to me.  I keep seeing these only after I have met him.  I have felt that I was headed in the right direction until I met him and there seems to be a lurking secret with him.  I thank you for all of your input and I look forward to reading additional passages of your work.  

Thank you again!  



Dear Victoria,

If you sense there is secret lurking within him and the Numbers present themselves only after you have met him then absolutely I would agree with you Victoria that he is " not in truth to me".  I Truly wish you the best for I know you deserve it, call on me anytime.  

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Thank you, I am so grateful for your in depth response and your life insight. You are a treasure to hold. Victoria


__________________________ ___________________________

----- Original Message -----

Subject: Number 11

Hi Master Sage Eugene,

I hope you can help me. My mother-in-law passed away unexpectantly this past March. We were very close and her death was hard on us all. We both have birthdays on the 11th. Mine in May and hers in July. Ever since she died, I always see the number 11 (clocks, road signs...). I thought it was just because we had 11 in common that I saw this number. Someone told me that the number 11 may have some sort of spiritual meaning. Is she trying to tell me something? Also - whenever I see the number 11, it sort of takes my breath away ?!

Thanks for your help.



Hi Niki,

Yes there is a Communication taking place at a level of Pure Mind which is delivered through your heightened Number Awareness. The Number 11 is a very significant Number within Thee Trinity Creation and of Life itself. This Communication, for it to be taking place, means that your mother-in-law has indeed gone on to the Eternal and it is her Energy of Eternal Life that is Communicating to you. If she were not to have gone on to the Eternal then there is no way there could be such a Communication: so there is good news in the Number Awareness you are having. As well since it is the Number 11, and Amazingly you are both linked to it in Birthday, this Communication is serving as a Direction in Life for you at the level of living PURITY(11). That is the Message within your Number Communication Niki, you are to do your utmost to maintain and enhance the PURITY(11) of Being that you were brought into this World with and to do whatever you can to prevent others from taking it from you. PURITY(11) in simple terms is living a Life in TRUTH(33) and Fullness of Being: be True to yourself and True to others. However others may not be of TRUTH(33) so you must remain on guard for those who may want to take advantage of your Goodness and reduce the Person you are for their own Gratifying benefit without any regard for the suffering they might put you through.

In full awareness of yourself and others let PURITY(11) be your guide and FULFILLMENT(12) in Life will be yours, but you must remain focused both in your thinking and in your Action to keep your PURITY(11) whole. The Exuberance of Life will shine within you if you remain on your path of PURITY(11). Of particular interest if you multiply your Number 11 by the Number 3 which is THE SYSTEM(3) you have 33 which is irrefutably TRUTH(33). PURITY(11) is a critical element within living TRUTH(33) in your everyday Life. Here is a quote of mine which summarizes the defining of PURITY(11):

Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it.

Your love should thus be.

Henceforth whenever you see the Number 11 let the Spiritual Energy of your mother-in-law fill your entire Being even if it is only for a moment. You can live on in the Eternal just as your mother-in-law has by keeping PURITY(11) and TRUTH(33) alive within yourself and in your Actions, and she will be Spiritually guiding you along your path unto ETERNAL LIFE(86).

Sincerely Yours,

Master Sage Joseph EuGene Morin

Dear Master Sage Eugene,

Your words are so inspiring and very real, I sincerely thank you for your reply.




Numbers 33, 22, Personal and Spiritual Life Guidance

Hello Eugene,

I bumped into your site, while trying to figure the meaning of 33. This number and 22 have been coming up very forcefully to
me. In receipts, signs, liscense plates, ticket stubbs, just everywhere, I almost feel barraged. They are coming up as I think of a woman Im seeing primarily...

I have been an artist all my life and that is how I make my living...

Im not sure if you were resoponding to me on your site. Im not so savy , via cpu communication, Im taurus virgo sag so its not so easy , via not in person for me...double earth sign  thing...

Thanks for your time, im very curious about 22 , ifeel 22 comes to me as a warning with certain women, and 33 sometimes. Do you regard kabala meaning of your numbers..... I look forward to hearing from you....


Hi Brendan

I will give you the Meaning of your Number 22 and 33 and the Message that lies within their Meaning.  The True Meaning of Numbers comes directly from Thee Trinity Creation, born of Truth in 1988 for the purpose of Guiding the Person through the Meaning of Numbers to a better way in Life.  Others have asked me if I have studied the kabala, not ever. All that I Am is that which I was Reborn into through the Advent of Thee Trinity Creation.

There is a definite Message within these Numbers, and they work together so Magnificently as a Oneness of Message that will help guide you to Superior way in Life.

Particularly I find it incredible, as I so often do, that when a Person becomes acutely Aware of a Number or Numbers they are so well aligned to what is happening in their Life. This is the case here with your Numbers Brendan, they are well suited to that of relationships and here you are saying that they are most prevalent when you think of a Woman you are presently seeing.

You see Brendan of Meaning the Number 22 is STIMULATION(22) and that of 33 is TRUTH(33).  STIMULATION(22) refers to that of the senses and in particular when associated to a relationship that of Sensual Intimate STIMULATION(22).  When such STIMULATION(22) lacks in TRUTH(33) then it is best to be avoided for it will take more from you than what it will give. Think of Pragmatic TRUTH(33) as that when all is taken into account the choice you make is the one that Creates the Greatest amount of Goodness, for yourself and others while simultaneously causing the least amount of harm or least amount of reduction of the Fullness of the Person, you yourself included of course. When TRUTH(33) is your way you are True to who you are and you are True to others: no ulterior motives, no "Mind" games, no manipulation; do all you
can to ascertain that the Woman you are with is of the same.

Because you are receiving the Communication via these Numbers when thinking of this Person it would in all likelihood be a warning to be vigilant in this relationship, keep a sharp eye out for any signs that TRUTH(33) may be lacking in her.  Also always be Aware of yourself, where you operate from as a Person and do your utmost to stay in alignment with the TRUTH(33).  I realize at times this may be very difficult to do but through a clear Awareness and being of Good intent things can continually build in the ways of TRUTH(33) for you, and for your relationship.

Sincerely Spoken,


thank you for the time , and effort in your email to me. You spoke the truth , which seemed somewhat indescerable to me at the time, I feel universal spiritual love for her, as we all love eachother, but was woken up by dreams of glowing 22s and 33s, and it is true. They warned me almost in oceanic proportion, everthing was sending the numbers, God spoke.
I must face the truth , its what we all deserve...Truth is genuine communication, pure. If its not pure its pollution, and I feel the world needs to heal, the souls need to heal, to realize, the mundane is impossible...

We are a miracle...the number I was assigned as a child 88. When we wake up , even if its raining, and there has been problems and the day feels tough. It is still unavoidably primarily , first and foremost a small occurence within a larger omnipresent miracle. I feel this is my message, its amazing to bump into your site, because when I thought of 99 i knew it was beyond.

Your shamanic story of walking on the highway was very Christ like, as if how he would walk through towns and go on his intuitve destined voyages. Then to wake to the transmission of his particular , and also universal realities and truths...My heart goes out to you and your loved ones, you have been very giving to me to care to clarify another souls path..It is
honorable, and what we need to give eachother constantly, the truth...........I see the white light of the miracle, shining in your home now...


----- Original Message -----

Subject: Number 13


I'm searching for the meaninf of # 13. It is following me all the time. Anything I do ends with # 13. If you can help me to find out what it means I will greatly appreciate.  



Hi Zalman,  

Yes I can certainly give you the Meaning of your Number 13 and the Message that it carries with it.  When you understand its Message and heed its way the Number Awareness that you are now experiencing will naturally fade away.    Of Meaning the Number 13 is HONESTY(13), be Honest with yourself, with others and in all of your everyday dealings.  However do not confuse HONESTY(13) with TRUTH(33), TRUTH(33) is the foundation and without TRUTH(33) HONESTY(13) is rather irrelevant.  When TRUTH(33) is lived then HONESTY(13) finds its Greatest worth.   Let me explain a bit further.   TRUTH(33) is of the Eternal, Thee Trinity Creation was born of the TRUTH(33) back in 1988.  Of the everyday think of TRUTH(33) as that when you take all variables into account that you are aware of you make the choice that is of Greatest Good and most Life enhancing, for yourself and for others.  HONESTY(13) is an element that supports TRUTH(33), when TRUTH(33) is your choice let HONESTY(13) be its supporting player.   There must be a lack of HONESTY(13) in your everyday ways, hence the Number 13 is speaking out to you, if TRUTH(33) is your way then it is fairly easy to resolve, if not then you must first change your ways to those of TRUTH(33).  

I will close with an excerpt from my e-Manuscript 2999 Everlasting©

What about the Number 13? Is it really an unlucky Number? ABSOLUTELY NOT, this I can say with certainty. Not any Number is in itself unlucky, or evil, or of a bad omen for every Number has a message deeply embedded within it, a message of the Divine. This is all revealed to the World through the beautiful expression of Numbers, Letters and Sacred Geometric Symbols of Thee Trinity Creation: THE SYSTEM(3) of Divine TRUTH(33). Thee Trinity Creation is born of the TRUTH(33) and in TRUTH(33) the World becomes a better place to live. In Meaning the Number 13 is HONESTY(13) and both in Meaning and in Symbol it is very closely linked to that of TRUTH(33).  Here is another short email except of mine:

There is only one Meaning to the Number 13 and that True Meaning is given within the irrefutable Numbers Meaning System: Thee Trinity Creation. Following the Spiritual Communication of 1988 all was Revealed in TRUTH(33).

The Number 13 is HONESTY(13), in message this is telling you to take a good look at yourself and at your Life and transform those areas that are in lack of HONESTY(13) to those of greater HONESTY(13).  Whenever you are consistently choosing HONESTY(13) you feel good about yourself and others will naturally gain a greater respect of you.  However always remember TRUTH(33), HONESTY(13) is usually included within TRUTH(33) however when HONESTY(13) is lacking in TRUTH(33) then TRUTH(33) must supercede it.  HONESTY(13) is indeed a very important Personal characteristic to have but TRUTH(33) must be your Way.  TRUTH(33) is of the Eternal and Absolute, to not ever be changed whereas HONESTY(13) is of the transient created by Man for the improved well being of the Person and the betterment of Society.  At times TRUTH(33) and HONESTY(13) are not in alignment, when this happens always choose TRUTH(33); choosing TRUTH(33) is choosing the Greater right rather than the greater wrong. Within many real life situations there is often a unique combination of right and wrong, always make the choice that is the most right, that is real  HONESTY(13) for such a choice is made in TRUTH(33).

A woman out of desperation steals a loaf of bread for her starving children. Did she do right, or did she do wrong? According to the laws of Society, those of HONESTY(13), she has indeed done wrong but according to the immutable law of TRUTH(33) she has done right for she has taken an action that in itself has helped to preserve the Life of her children. TRUTH(33) must always supercede HONESTY(13) when HONESTY(13) and TRUTH(33) are not in proper alignment; HONESTY(13) finds its greatest worth when it operates within the realm of TRUTH(33). This is beautifully expressed within the Sacred Geometric Symbolic language of Thee Trinity Creation; the Symbol for HONESTY(13) is found within that of TRUTH(33), and the Symbol for TRUTH(33) is by all means the Symbol of Greatest Strength. HONESTY(13) is an extremely important value to live whereas TRUTH(33) is THE WAY(36) to live. Choose THE WAY(36) of TRUTH(33) and then add on to it HONESTY(13) and any confusion relative to right and wrong will be substantially reduced.


TRUTH(33) is THE WAY(36)

Sincerely Spoken,


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