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----- Original Message -----

From: Tiffany

To: Master Sage Joseph M

Subject: Seeking Help with Numbers in a Dream


Greetings Master Sage Joseph M:

I came across your website after experiencing an interesting dream this morning.  I was very moved by your work, it is so well aligned with information I have been seeking as of late.  Thank you for your insight and dedication.

I am hoping that you might be able to shed additional light on the significance of my dream; in it, I was standing in front of a house (this is actually a real house that I have been wanting), apparently talking to the realtor with an intent to buy.  The realty sign was on the front lawn, and it listed the house number as 555/666 ---- Street ( in actuality, the house does have two addresses because it is on a corner).  Additionally, the grass in the yard was very tall, green, and healthy, and peppered with flowers; it was somewhat reminiscent of a meadow.  There was a large white/grey dog walking about, as well, and the realtor mentioned that the house was previously lived in by two kind elderly women.

From what I read on your site today, it seems that 666 has a possible vibration of wealth accumulation (which, though not my primary life goal, is currently of high personal import).  I'm not sure of the meaning of the fives.

You should also know that in the past couple weeks, I have been seeing 555 and 666 in one form or another (i.e. on license plates, the amount rung up by a cashier, clocks etc.  More often that that, I see 11, 21, 22, 23, 33, 313, 707 and 777 all the time. 33 is the most frequent, with 22 close behind it.  It is not uncommon that I see any of these numbers next to one another at one time.  

I'd love your help with this interpretation; I have sense that my life is heading toward a new direction, I'm believe this dream is a confirmation of such.

Gratitude and Blessings;



Dear Tiffany,  

I do apologize for my delay in response but the body always remains so very vulnerable to attacks of viruses and infections, the MIND(O) in Itself is Infinite.  

The Number 33 is TRUTH(33), and if WEALTH(66) is indeed one of your priorities which is fine, you must take the time and put in the effort to ensure TRUTH(33) is core to your PROSPERITY(93). And I will here give you the finest defining of TRUTH(33) this Precious Earth has to offer, however it might take some contemplation to fully understand these words, and then right effort upon right ACTION(81) in their application. When you fully understand and live these words which I have been blessed with a year or so ago TRUTH(33) you will be living and FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) unto ETERNAL LIFE(86) is yours.  


So simple yet so difficult for most to live by.  

The 5`s are of DIRECTION(5), take the DIRECTION(5) of TRUTH(33) while simultaneously trying to build you financial security and FREEDOM(7). A quick glance at the many other Numbers you have indicated support what I have just spoken. In particular 21 is DECISION(21), always be reminded of what TRUTH(33) is in your DECISION(21) making and the 7`s which are of FREEDOM(7) and WISDOM(77) all in alignment with your Desires in LIFE(15).   


If you are in need of me further please call upon me.  

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph M


Thank you so much for your insight into my question; I'm eager to meditate on them over the next few days to fully realize the impact.

Stay Healthy!



__________________________ ___________________________

----- Original Message -----

Subject: Number 45

Dear Marianna,  

Last night or I should say very early Morning the Number 45 as I was looking up at the stars became Energized within me.  This is significant for I have been in deep PRAYER(9) of resolution to the Financial woes we are in.  The Number 45 in Meaning is SUCCESS(45) and it is very closely linked to the Fulfillment of my Be Energy which is THE WINNER(W).  THE WINNER(W) is a rather unique State of Being in how its Sacred Geometric Symbol came to be back in 1988-89.  Within a Powerful Spiritual Energy Movement I began drawing the Symbols to 7 Numbers  that were ringing within my head, and as I drew these Symbols I drew one over top of the other.  When I was finished the Symbol for THE WINNER(W) ensued.  The last of the Seven Numbers was indeed that of SUCCESS(45) and of specific Meaning relative to the SUCCESS(45) of The BeI cannot say for sure what the specifics are but there is a Powerful ENERGY(99) moving me continually in the right Direction. I`m assuming this is a sign of better Financial things to come.  


THE WINNER(W) is a Symbol of Motion, the little symbol to its left is significant of movement within this World, and also of Meaning PRAYER(9).  If you look at the Sacred Geometric Symbolic Design of THE FINAL PLAY(X), the second Design within the fourth Triad of Dawn 1999 you will see the Motion of THE WINNER(W) has ended, the movement within this physical World has ceased and I move on to ETERNAL LIFE(86), the very last State of Being.  

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Subject: Re: Number 45

Dear Master Sage Eugene,

I appreciate each word of each one of your emails.

It is amazing that you have spoke with me about the Number 45. Lately it has showed up most frequently. Somehow I did not want to ask you about 45. May be it means that I will success within my Family.

Thanks to you I am able to keep myself believing that I will success with be Happy within my Family. As well I want be successful in other direction too.

You really help me to continue.  






Living Your TOTALITY(T) of  Self;

Living Your TOTALITY(T) of Self 


THE WAY(36) unto


----- Original Message -----

From: lauren

To: Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Subject: the number eleven

For the past two years i have been seeing the number 311. ALOT. Then, i started to see just the number eleven. And then eleven eleven. I feel as though 'it' is getting stronger and its starting to scare me. I do realize that alot of other people out there are experiencing this 'phenomenon' but, I think that it symbolizes something more personal. To me.   At times when i see the number 'eleven' in within a matter of minutes...ill see it numerous times...something does happen.   Id go into detail but i guess im just hoping that you even read this e-mail and respond.  

Thanks for your time!   -Lauren


Dearest Lauren,  

I do my utmost to reply to everyone but I AM(47) quite overloaded, so I do get behind, sorry for the delay.  

The Number 11 is such a story all of its own, its irrefutable Meaning and how it is totally integrated within the Number 33, TRUTH(33)!  The phenomenon is incredibly Perfectly matched in its timing to Thee Trinity Creation which came down from Heaven above in 1988 and is THE ANSWER to this phenomenon, the only True answer!   The Meaning of the Number 11 is PURITY(11) and since it is calling out to you with such intensity I see it as a warning to be on guard to maintain your PURITY(11) of Person, do not let another reduce your Person or take a piece of your Being from you Lauren!  

I cannot give any detailed guidance presently for I do not know of the particulars, if you choose to share with me the specifics of your present living condition I will prioritize your incoming emails. This could of tremendous worth to you Lauren, I AM(47) determined to make TRUTH(33) of which PURITY(11) is intricately interlaced within TRUTH(33) my very LIFE(15) Mission, in fact it was decreed upon me. 

If the OPPORTUNITY(38) presents itself please read the following, it is the account of THE MIRACLE(88) of 1988. 

Here is its URL:  

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Thanks for your response, Sage Eugene. You are truley a gifted being. To be completely honest, i think it has to do with a number of different things. Im somewhat clairvoyant. I dream about things before they happen etc. , i guess you could say i see things differently than most. But, i do believe that the number 11 to me is signifying a major CHANGE.   The first time i saw 311 was on a lisense plate with the name 'Andrew' above it which i later found out that the person 'andrew' whom i was in love with at the time was coming back into town on march(3) 11th. After that i started to see triplet numbers and began researching  'angel numerology'.     I was born on March 3, 1986 at 9:11 pm, so i believe that '11' is a common number in my 'life chart' ?   Something happened this year on Febuary (2) 11th which was a life changing event. I feel as though now i am losing my family, friends, and i am moving to Tucson, Arizona next weds ALONE.   I think it will be good for me. Its a complicated situation but i feel as though i have just ended a major life cycle and am about to start a new chapter in my life. Its going to be hard, but in the long run i believe its the right thing to do.   I wish i could go into more detail but to be completely honest, im not sure if 'my situation' would be understood or interpreted right.   Thank your so much for your inspiration, Eugene.   It feels good not to be 'alone' .  



Thanks Lauren for your reply, I wish you the very best and email me anytime. I`ll be prompt in response if I`m able to. There could be an issue within your relationship that is in lack of PURITY(11). Just a thought.  



"Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it. 

Your love should thus be."

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

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----- Original Message -----


Subject: 377, 666

Hello, may I first start off by thanking you for reading this email. I understand that you are a very busy person, and I appreciate the time you spend going over this.

I have been followed by the number of 37 since I was 19. It started off as an address, the result of which experience added the tattoo of 377 on the back of my arm. That being said, both 337 and 377 have been a consistent part of my life, and I have finally given up trying to solve the mystery myself. Naturally it worries that when you multiply my birthday (18th) by 37, you get 666.

If you could lend some insight into this for me, I would be so endlessly thankful.

Blessings and Love!



Hi Haley,  

To begin with I would like to ease any fears you might have relative to the Number 666, the evil that has surrounded this Number is totally false. The 6`s are with reference to a Person`s MOTIVATION(6) to accruing more WEALTH(66). WEALTH(66) and the drive towards it is not in itself evil at all, we all want more and better, this is how progress takes place. However if WEALTH(66) is accrued in an ignoble fashion or others are hurt by your drive for WEALTH(66) including once you have it then WEALTH(66) can certainly be considered evil, but remember the Number is not, it is what you, I, and everyone else does with WEALTH(66) that is either of Goodness or not.  

I sincerely Love your Numbers 77 and 33 Haley, in fact one the shirts that I have created carries those Numbers with their respective Celestial Symbol and State of Being.  These Numbers work so closely together that on the front of my t-shirt I have TRUTH(33) and WISDOM(77) on the back. Amazingly you cannot have TRUTH(33) without WISDOM(77), these States of Being must gradually be allowed to grow harmoniously and gently fill your Being.  


The Number 57 is simply FANTASTIC(57), an exclamatory expression of Life once these become your way.  

All I read is Goodness from your e-mail to me, I hope your tatoo went well and your Number 377 will be of far more significance to you now. In specific the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3) which is Thee Trinity Creation, THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) brought down to this World in the incredible Celestial Event of August 25, 1988, and of course you now know the irrefutable Meaning of the Number 77.  

Stay alert to those who lack in either Wisdom or Truth and gradually shift your everyday living and surroundings to one that supports and encourages these wonderful States of Being. TRUTH(33) is now and TRUTH(33) is Eternal, try and balance these in your Decision making.  

Share with others if you like the real Meaning of your tatoo and invite them to visit me here within  

Master Sage Joseph M     

p.s. I have my wife`s first name tattooed on my forehead and her signed name on the inside of my left fore-arm. On my right inner forearm I have the Numbers 92-78-15-85 which is the Numeric Defining of Truth.  Tattoos when they speak out of something Grand can be a basic way in sharing this knowing with others, even if it is somewhat Personal.

All is One in TRUTH(33)!

I want you to remember several Numbers whose States of Being are most important to you, and whenever you see one of these Numbers let their State of Being for a moment light up within you. It all happens so quickly, so spontaneously and yet in time you will be Truly impressed with the level of Personal and Spiritual Growth you will experience simply by following such an easy procedure.  It really works, I know, I speak to you the TRUTH(33).

Of Number Meanings in TRUTH(33) there is no other like Thee Trinity Creation within this Grand World of Ours, that is why it has been Created, so that the World will finally have in its possession a Unified irrefutable Number Interpretation System whose very core is TRUTH(33).

The understanding of Numbers as Revealed within Thee Trinity Creation is in TRUTH(33) and far simpler than any other type of Numerology method: Thee Trinity Creation is the only True Numbers Meaning System of this World and speaks in TRUTH(33) of the everyday unto the Eternal.  In addition to using Numbers to reinforce certain Positive States of Being within yourself you are also now able to Know the Meaning of Numbers that you may have had within a Dream or that you have become suddenly and acutely aware of in possessing my e-Manuscript 2999 Everlasting©.


Thee Trinity Creation in all that it offers to the Person and the World is certainly a Superior way in Life because THE WAY(36) of Thee Trinity Creation is THE WAY(36) of TRUTH(33). The New World will indeed be one of Greater TRUTH(33) and TRUTH(33) will be respected and encouraged, not like today`s Society that attempts to reduce TRUTH(33) in a bid to weaken the very core of the Person; business wants the instant gratification of the sensual Self to become the Person`s new core and their new priority in Life: that way they can sell anything and everything to the Person.  A couple of Business`s mottos are "if it feels good then it must be good" and "you are worth it " even if it is crippling your Spiritual core. The only way to know lasting HAPPINESS(34) and FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) is through living TRUTH(33) which is the Spiritual essence of your very Being.  ETERNAL LIFE(86) is so very real, it is deeply imbedded within the very Language of Thee Trinity Creation and THE WAY(36) to the Eternal is not through instant gratification but rather through living TRUTH(33), the Greatest gratification of all.


The Number for ETERNAL LIFE(86) right to left is in Meaning THE MESSIAH(68), how True. THE MESSIAH(68) is an individual who not only promotes TRUTH(33) but lives It in synchronism. He endeavors to Free the Person from within themselves and in so doing enables the Person`s Spiritual Energy(99) to rise to that of ETERNAL LIFE(86) upon their Earthly end. To be Free from the inside is to be Free of all which reduces you to be less than the Fullness that the Person you innately are.  Big Business and certain manipulative people excel at reducing the wholeness of your Personhood for then they can take Greater advantage of you in order to Fulfill their insensitive Desires. There is nothing wrong with Big Business in itself, it is through Capitalism that many of our modern amenities and HEALTH(98) care advances are made, however in order to sell more and more it has become insensitive to the Person`s inner Self doing whatever it can do to sell, sell, sell. The Person`s True well Being on a Grander scale is really insignificant to the people who control the Business World and to those who operate from a core of manipulation inclusive of certain Politicians and Religions.

In every Era there is a need to guide the Person and the World in the DIRECTION(5) of Greater TRUTH(33), without this need being filled the World would undoubtedly destroy itself. The need in this Era is thus filled through Thee Trinity Creation: of a Thousand Years and for a Thousand Years, this is with reference to Its lasting TRUTH(33).

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


The World becomes Enlightened to the Truth.


__________________________ __________________________

----- Original Message -----

On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 3:10 AM, Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin wrote:

Dear Nina,

I sincerely Thank You for your Kind Donation, following is the link to my entire e-Manuscript 2999 Everlasting©, please feel free to ask of me anything. I will prioritize your emails and in full answer whatever you might have question with. A lot of really good information is therein contained all pointing the way to living TRUTH(33) through the genuine meaning of Life Numbers.

{If for some reason the link is not active, for there are cases due to email security links are disabled, just paste the URL in your explorer browser.}

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Dearest Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin,

I deeply appreciate your prompt email, sending me the e-Manuscript 2999 Everlasting. I hope you understand my donation was not conveying the value of your manuscript, no, it was a symbol of my trust in you and it, for I gave you all I had in my account minus 1 penny.

At first I wasn't sure what to ask you because there were two topics I was interested in:clarity in understanding my purpose in this specific life as well as clarity to the truth of my relationship to my partner. However, after perusing through the manuscript, I noticed you mentioning something about the mormon church/community and immediately understood your disdain towards them. The reason I mention this is because at this very moment my boyfriend, my partner, is working for a company led by mormons. It is a security and "home automation" company which says it's about helping people, but their actions in how they treat their workers is practically /abusive/. Even though he deeply wishes to leave this company, for it is obvious they are not the good they say they are, he feels obligated to stay for his financial responsibilities make him feel forced to do so.

The only thing I felt like I could for him and the predicament of working for this company was to be present in the now moment, where I feel connected to source energy, especially while he was focused on the company's actions. In doing so, I was hoping that the universe would guide us through to appropriate and Not Hasty action. I am not really sure how you can help or more appropriately, how we can help, but I have a feeling that this is Not a coincidence.

If it helps my birthday is  --/-- 1988 and my partner's birthday is  --/-- 1988.

Please let me know if you need any more information, I am more than happy to be open with you.

Thank you so very much for your willingness to help us, all of us. I truly believe that I specifically have a grand purpose, as well as my partner Farren.

With love, patience, and understanding,


Dear Nina,

I thank you for your Kindness once again and for sharing with me some of your Personal LIFE(15) conditions. The year 1988 was the year of 'The Event', here is a link to that enigmatic story which is slightly revised in presentation compared to the one you have in Chapter 3 of your e-Manuscript, although the Miraculous Event remains and always will be what It was and what It is: the birth of Thee Trinity Creation and my REBIRTH(25) into the living TRUTH(33).

Yes I do have a disdain for the mormons because I had a very close follower of mine try to leave their organization and they did everything they possibly could to keep her bound to them, even trying to convince her Husband of her 'mistake'.  Most every day they would drop in at her home for so called 'talks'. I think they won because I have not heard for her for the last six months or there about. She, just as I, was very opposed to one of their idealisms that a man can have many wives within the structure of our Society, which is simply wrong. They are a Power hungry organization and they certainly wield their muscle to make sure no one leaves the fold. However since your boyfriend depends upon the financial present security of his job with them it is probably best to keep it going while secretly looking for another of equal or better income. They are extreme in their control so if he chooses to scout out something else it must be without them knowing.


In terms of the purpose of your present LIFE(15) Nina I cannot say in specific since I know so little of you and your everyday living situation, but generally speaking purpose is found in understanding TRUTH(33) and in living It which will contribute in a significant manner to developing your full Potential and Creative elements of Self. FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) is rather rare these days for TRUTH(33) has been lost for the most part replaced by manipulation and deception in order to get 'ahead', which is in reality getting 'behind'. A couple of years back following a most intense Dream the finest defining of TRUTH(33) you will ever find upon this Precious Earth of Ours was Revealed to me which I will share with you here and expand upon it somewhat.


The word "SANCTITY" is often overlooked which in explanation is to maintain your Fullness of Character even though others may take a lesser path or try to reduce you.

In the multitude of Decisions you make daily from the most minute ones to the most critical ones always try and apply this defining of TRUTH(33) to them and in time it will become very natural. Also do not confuse TRUTH(33) with HONESTY(13), think of TRUTH(33) as the Master over HONESTY(13) for at times to live TRUTH(33) you may have to be dishonest. However they can for the most part work in Unison, it often depends upon those who have Power over you whether you can harmoniously live HONESTY(13) and TRUTH(33) in Oneness of Being or if you must break away from HONESTY(13) in order to maintain TRUTH(33). Even within their Sacred Geometric Symbolic Designs you can readily see the STRENGTH(18) of Unity which TRUTH(33) displays compared to that of HONESTY(13).


With your partner HONESTY(13) and TRUTH(33) should be Unified, this will create a lasting and potent LOVE(14) between the two of you that can grow and last your lifetime. This will indeed be core to your sense of purpose in LIFE(15) and your experience of FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15), both of which depend completely on TRUTH(33). TRUTH(33) is indeed the most Magnificent Unifying Power within LIFE(15) Itself.

I hope I have been helpful to you Nina and please feel at comfort to email me back if you wish.

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Dearest Master,

I no longer have any questions, I simply wanted to show you my gratitude.

I truly and deeply appreciate your kind words of wisdom. It impresses me how quickly you respond but not only that, the quality of message you bring. When I heard the message of truth you were trying to convey, on my own, I tried to gain more clarity. I saw sanctity as a connection to source energy, and have used that as a reinforcement to what I do. I try in everything I do, to stay connected to that energy source, to be present.

It has helped me /immensely/ in just one day using your manuscript to decode messages and I had an incredibly fruitful and satisfying day. I hope to continue this journey, and it gives me comfort knowing I can come to you for answers.

Thank you, I dont know how you do it, but thank you,

----- A couple of earlier Messages -----

Hi Eugene

Just a quick question here. Can you tell me more about and how do you utilize the symbols ?
Enlightenment or Wealth for instance. These I am interested in most.



Dear John,

It is good that you are asking questions. THEE TRINITY CREATION® although simple in its Oneness and profound WISDOM(77) can be rather complex of interpretation in its Universal Symbolic Language of Sacred Geometry.

Let`s look at ENLIGHTENMENT(70) first; this of course implies Spiritual ENLIGHTENMENT(70) for THEE TRINITY CREATION is born of SPIRIT(30). When you look at the number for ENLIGHTENMENT(70) you will discover that it is strongly associated to Number 7 which is FREEDOM(7), elemental to all real Spiritual and Personal GROWTH(65), and 77 is WISDOM(77), the essence of True Personal and Spiritual development. These are a core grouping of Sevens and are linked directly in Number, Geometric Design and State of Being. Freedom(7) of Self is Greatest when living ENLIGHTENMENT(70) which is discovered through the development of WISDOM(77). You cannot have one, in TRUTH(33), without the other. One of these States of Being cannot grow or build without including the others for they all reinforce one another and are mutually bound. FREEDOM(7) of Self comes primarily through Spiritual Self Awareness, WISDOM(77) through insight and learning and application of KNOWLEDGE(0), and Spiritual ENLIGHTENMENT(70) through the building of WISDOM(77) and the Conscious experience of Spiritual Oneness.

In terms of gentle reinforcement, when you see one of their respective number associations, 7, 70, or 77, it helps to stir a Positive thought process within yourself relative to that State of Being: a taste of Positive MIND MOTION(64).


All of the Sacred Geometry Designs contained within the Creation and found throughout The Book© and fully explained in my e-Manuscript are inextricably linked, each reinforcing one another and related to a Personal or Spiritual State of Being which culminates into a Beautiful Oneness: UNIFICATION©. For an example of the intricacy of THEE TRINITY CREATION® look at the Sacred Geometry Design for ENLIGHTENMENT(70), you will readily discover that it uses as its base the Sacred Geometry Design for THE SYSTEM(3), and to the upper right FREEDOM(7) which is raised to the level of THE LIGHT(51). In interpretation of meaning it states that the path to ENLIGHTENMENT(70) is fully contained within THE SYSTEM(3) {THEE TRINITY CREATION}, and ENLIGHTENMENT(70) signifies that the development of FREEDOM(7) has reached its Greatest level. You are completely free from internal negativities, not drawn into external ones and in total experience of Fullness of Being.  You are free to experience the Grandness of LIFE(15) and totally free within your transcendent Union with the ENERGY SUPREME(85), the ENERGY(99) of LIFE(15) itself: PERFECTION(54) of LOVE(14), ETERNAL LIFE(86).

ENLIGHTENMENT(70) is core to the FULFILLMENT(12) of the I  ENERGY(99) of Being; the Spiritual essence within yourself as a Conscious experience in LIFE(15). FREEDOM(7) and WISDOM(77) play significant roles in the GROWTH(65) of all your three essential LIFE Energies that make up the total person that you are; the ME, the BE and the I

The Sacred Geometry Design for WISDOM(77) is made up of two other Designs, MIND MOTION(64), which is itself made of two Designs: MIND(O) and the arrow which is the Symbol for PRAYER(9) but also when in that format represents movement and FREEDOM(7) raised to the heightened level of THE LIGHT(51). MIND MOTION(64) when experienced at the level of FREEDOM(7) within oneself opens THE WAY(36) to living WISDOM(77) in LIFE(15)Everything is so finely interconnected and speaks in such BEAUTY(53) of Spiritual Oneness: THEE TRINITY CREATION®.


Now for WEALTH(66). WEALTH(66) is one of the core States of Being related to the Sixes, of particular importance are 6 and 66. Six is MOTIVATION(6), a drive in accruing WEALTH(66), whether it be of material or Spiritual abundance. Without MOTIVATION(6) to do and Persist in the building of anything Grand your Vision remains but a Fantasy. Within the Symbolic Language of Sacred Geometry you will also discover the State of Being PERSISTENCE(39). You may also have noticed that PERSISTENCE(39) is related to PROSPERITY(93) in Number (39 left to right is 93 right to left); it is very unlikely you will ever Know lasting PROSPERITY(93) without PERSISTENCE(39). One usually comes hand in hand with the other. WEALTH(66) as expressed within THEE TRINITY CREATION is more specifically related to the BE LIFE(15) ENERGY(99), whereas MOTIVATION(6) and PERSISTENCE(39) are vital components of in the FULFILLMENT(12) of all three of your LIFE(15) Energies: your TRINITY of LIFE(15) Energies, the ME, the BE and the I of UNIFICATION. 

You may have noticed as well that all of the States of Being mentioned within the above paragraph are built upon the number 3, an incredible Powerful number within THEE TRINITY CREATION®: THE SYSTEM(3) of Personal and Spiritual GROWTH(65) unto ENLIGHTENMENT(70) and ETERNAL LIFE(86) conceived in TRUTH(33) . Imbedded within the Logo* itself is the mirror image of 33, TRUTH.

Go exploring within THEE TRINITY CREATION® and you will Ultimately discover how everything points to, and becomes One. This experience of Oneness of Being is little by little already becoming expressed within yourself and in your LIFE(15) as a wholeness of the person you are: congruent, free of any disparities within yourself, and in Conscious experience of complete FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) within all of its Grandness.

"All in time, for anything of Greatness takes time to be GREAT(8)."

In TRUTH(33),


* The Logo is a Registered® Trademark(T.M). I have registered it in order to maintain its authenticity; so is Self Empowering Meditation®(T.M) and every Sacred Geometry Design and its indelible Number and State of Being association is Copyright© to prevent cheap and un-enlightened duplicates.


Very interesting and most enlightening. Thanks.




Subject: Hi                                         Numbers 23, 32, Personal Guidance

Hi Eugene hope you are doing well. I only have one little question. I have also been seeing 23 32   juss wondering what it meant. I also wanted to let you know thank you for the prayer your right, after reading that prayer everynight things have improved in such a mysterious way in incredible. Thanks again Eugene.

Much Love always Maria


Hi Maria,  

I`m glad that my Prayer has been working for you, you deserve to be happy in Life. Remember to keep Praying.  

I cannot speak for long there are several Family concerns I must attend to, in brief the Number 23 is ME(23) which is with reference to your emotional/physical Earthly Self and 32 which is the Number 23 right to left is THE PLAYER(32).  When TRUTH(33) is your Play the sensual Self experiences Life in Grand and Beautiful ways. Be True to yourself and in your relationship with another and Life itself becomes your play, an adult playing with all of the exuberance of a toddler when she plays but much Wiser.   Also make sure that the Person you are with is he himself of Truth.

Sincerely Yours,



Trust is truth and you are of it Thanks again Eugene. Sorry for asking u so many times.



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Subject: number 8 every where

Hi Master Sage Joseph,

> I really enjoy your website. I was wondering if you could help me with the following.
> I recently had a dream I was on a train with some people I felt very comfortable with, but didn't know well, I had become friends with them through some kind of course I had attended. The train was going through a dark tunnel it stopped at an unfamiliar place. I got off realizing I had left my bag on the train and I was wearing my pyjamas. There was an Asian man standing in front of me holding a large eight that was made of swirling, white, light energy, he tilted the eight on it's side and said something like "there is big change for you." Then my husband arrived bent over with back pain. I told my husband my bags were still on the train - he said I would have to go back into the station to find it. I looked towards the station, which was a series of dark crumbling tunnels that work men were
renovating. I decided not to go and find my luggage. I can't remember much else of the dream but I think I some how manifested new clothes that I was suddenly wearing.

I was wondering if you can make any sense of the dream and numbers I frequently see?

> I see 8 and 888 often when I'm driving.

kind regards

Dear Lana,

The following lines are of prime importance to the meaning of your Dream: "There was an Asian man standing in front of me holding a large eight that was made of swirling, white, light energy, he tilted the eight on it's side and said something like "there is big change for you." Then my husband arrived bent over with back pain."

The meaning contained within this part of your Dream is indeed profound for it is telling you that in order to achieve greater heights in Life, represented by the Number 8, you need to lessen the binding grip your personal physical elements have over you, such as weight, lack of exercise and so called healthy eating. You must of course approach such a change gradually and with a good balance between your physical Energy and that of Mind.


The new clothes is a further indication of better living for you if you discover a Healthy comprise between your physical Energy of Self and time to nurture your talents, abilities and Business intuitions.

The Number 8 is GREAT(8) and 88 is THE MIRACLE(88): make your Greatness Miraculous for I`m sure you can Lana.

Master Sage Joseph M

Thanks for that Sage Joseph,

Very interesting and I appreciate the time you gave to reply to my email. I do think alot about doing more exercise.

Your e-manuscript sounds amazing.

Kind regards



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