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From: Brenda

To: Master Sage Joseph M

Subject: Helpp...please Knowing nothing about #’s and dreams…1945, 1949 or 1845, 1849 and 153


I have an Aunt who passed away many years ago. I love her very much and miss her dearly. She was a very wealthy private woman. She visits me in my dreams. In May I was told by my angel card reader that Aunt Louise had funds left here and wouldn’t it be great if I could just find it. I have been asking her to visit me. And – she did. The night before last.

She walked into my dream and asked me to hold (a lot of money). I was so busy counting it …and couldn’t count it all before I realized it was her voice and she was gone. I then started looking though envelopes in my dream. They were old and there were about six of them. When I woke…I remembered 1945 and 1949.? Then I ?’d myself if it should be 1845 or 1849. I believe it was the first numbers, yet the envelopes were really old. Last night…I was told another number…don’t know from who. It was 153.

Can you help…

Thank you



Dear Brenda,

I feel for your grieving and will do all I can to clarify these Dreams for you for I AM foremost at interpreting Dreams with Numbers in them. The money element in connection to your Numbers and Aunt`s voice paint a Magnificent picture within my Mind which I will now share with you.

Your Dreams are of Goodness, quite probably a sign of things to come, however it might not be exactly as within your Dream of finding envelopes. Your Love for your Aunt Louise remains strong indeed and since she went on to Heaven her Spirit is able to connect to those who Love her in Pureness, which you do.

The Numbers indeed speak to me, for I know Numbers like no one else Knows Numbers. First of all, even though the actual Number did not show up the Money Number is 79, so keep an eye out for this Number. Particularly important is the Number 45 and 49 which are both strongly linked to the money within your Dream, that is why you experienced both 1945/1949 and 1845/1945 because the emphasis rests upon the second Numbers which are of course 45 and 49.

The Number 45 in Life Meaning is SUCCESS(45) and 49 is THE SALESMAN(49), or to be more politically correct we could say the Salesperson, but within the Communication of 1988 when Thee Trinity Creation was imbedded within my very being the Meaning of Numbers was as they are and will not ever change for they have been a blessing from above. In Message, since you have such a Pure Love SUCCESS(45) in one form or another is coming your way and the SALESMAN(49) refers to you making money within the SUCCESS(45) you have Created. Your Aunt will definitely be your Spiritual guide, for she can feel your Love and wants your Life here upon Earth to be better, particularly within the financial realm of things, for I sense you might be having problems in that area.

Your Second Dream compliments your first although not at the same level of Spiritual Power since it was not your Aunt Louise`s voice. The Number 153 breaks down into the Number 15 and 3, both of which are Beautiful Numbers indeed. The Number 15 is LIFE(15) and the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3), which is Thee Trinity Creation, THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) and the genuine Meaning of LIFE(15) Numbers.

These Dreams are definitely of Goodness Brenda, keep watch out for the Numbers I have mentioned and try to remember their Meaning every time you see them, and you will be seeing them a lot for some time to come. AS WELL WHEN YOU SEE ANY ONE OF THESE NUMBERS: 45, 49, 15, 3, feel their Meaning deep within yourself and try Spiritually, even for only a moment, of connecting to your Aunt in Pureness of Love. Remember at the core of this Communication from your Aunt is TRUTH(33), for it is in TRUTH(33) that your Aunt went on to Heaven and Thee Trinity Creation is born of TRUTH(33) in which I became Its entrusted Messenger.

Please try and read the following page, it is the True story of August 25, 1988 when I became one with the Power above. Here is its link, if for some reason it is not active due to email security just paste it in your explorer and there you will be with me in my journey of transformation into the living TRUTH(33).

'The Event'

You are Blessed indeed Brenda and good things are in the making.

Feel comfortable sharing anything else that is on your Mind with me, I will be here for you because you are a Person of True LOVE(14).

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph M


My dearest Master Sage Joseph M,

My headache and heartache is relieved from your message. I surely appreciate you clarifying everything to me. I am of love … and oneness with God. I do experience the freeness of being one with God, yet then there is the suffering in this world that frustrates one with God. My Aunt Louise was one of my pure love(s) on this world and I miss her dearly. My heartache from the numbers message was that I couldn’t and didn’t get a chance to take with her. It went so quickly. Just an overview…I am working on a project for traumatized children, woman, veteran’s and families to heal. My primary focus will be with PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder). I have a 5013c established named “Divine Freedom” which shall be a housing facility. I also own Blue Skyy Stables and God has shown me the vision and it is beautiful. I am to intertwine the stables with the ptsd patients and housing facility. I am struggling financially, you are correct . This is due to another failed business within the past five years. I am in the middle of Chapter 13 hell on earth. I don’t know how I will get the project going financially and I am tired…J of the struggle. I hurt inside for all the people on this earth that are lost, unhealthy, clueless of our higher power and my goal is to touch someone every day. So many souls to be won so much work to be done. I sometimes feel like I am bleeding from inside due to the sins, the pain that people on earth are causing themselves. I work a lot…a lot…a lot and something really needs to change in my life. I could continue …yet my letter would become so very long. I just want to tell you THANK YOU! And … is there any way I can show you my appreciation? ? Also, your website is amazing…and your life experience should be a book my new found friend.

Blessing(s) to you and Praise God on this glorious Thursday.

Love in this world to you



Dear Brenda,

I give you my best wishes and will Pray for your SUCCESS(45), and even though you may not clearly see how you will get all of your Grand experiences out there stick to it, and Pray at night just prior to falling to sleep in Pureness of LOVE(14) to THE CREATOR(46): good things are in the making.

I Am so warmed that I could be of help to you Brenda and remember I Am here for you always. Please do not concern yourself with how you can show your, our Communication in itself is sufficient


Master Sage Joseph M

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'12' Essential Correlations of '33'


I love you Master Sage Joseph M.


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From: Kristan

To: Master Sage Joseph M

Subject: dream with number 33


Last night I dreamnt about the number 33. It appeared in relation with a man my age who I have known my entire life, in the dream i distinctly remember discussing our past and future.  




Hi Kirstan,  

I`m glad that you have contacted me for I can with certainty give  you the meaning of the Number 33 however due to the very limited information I have of the particulars you and this Person I cannot give you a whole lot of detail.  If you wish you may share with me a bit more or perhaps you will be able to see the depth of things based on what I say.  

The Number 33 in Meaning is TRUTH(33) and considering that it appeared in relationship to this man you know it is giving you a Direction to take or to maintain with this Person for Numbers are messages that are of a Superior path to take in Life. Therefore be of TRUTH(33) with him of word and Action and have him be the same with you.  

That is about all I can say of your Dream and how it relates to your Life Kirstan, I wish I could have been of greater assistance to you.  Keep in touch if you wish.  

Sincerely Yours,

Master Sage Joseph M

Hi Master Sage Joseph,

Thank you so much for responding to me, I really appreciate your efforts and knowledge.

The person of whom I spoke is my godmother's son. When we were children we were friendly, as kids are, then we went through adolescents, which meant we couldn't stand each other on principle. After school we both went to study in different cities, however this December marks us both "coming home", as I suppose you could say adults.

My father recently had his party and my god mother was there, she kept insisting that her son and I must get together when we both finish our studies as we'd be great together (you know how moms are about their sons?). Anyway my reaction was what!? I don't even know this person. Anyway its been in the back of my head ever since. Then I had the dream where he appeared together with the number 33.



Dear Kirstan,  

Thank you so much for replying for now I KNOW the Meaning to your Dream, and yes it is about the Number 33 which is TRUTH(33).  

Your words speak volumes to me  " Anyway my reaction was what!? I don't even know this person." and as always the Numbers are a message of which I was granted, although sometimes I wish I were not, the True Meaning of following the Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988. So in message to you Kirsten the Number 33 is directing you to seek out the TRUTH(33) of this Person not simply based on his words or his Mother`s but through seeing the little things in his behavior that reflect a larger and sometimes hidden dimension of character.  He may be a good Person for you or he may not but for certain the TRUTH(33) is what you must seek.  Often the Person`s past speaks a lot about their present and future, much of his past you are unaware of.  In general always look for a past in a Person that you may be vulnerable to getting in a relationship with, or that you may simply have chosen, or he you, to have a relationship with. 

So in the Dream the Number 33 appearing with him is exactly that: discover the TRUTH(33) about him independent of he or his Mother`s words.  

Master Sage Joseph M


Hi Master Sage,

Thanks again! Now it makes a lot more scense and corellates with my weariness about the situation.




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From: Jay

To: Master Sage Jospeh M


I had a dream in which the numbers 7, 9, 11 and 26 were given to me. What does this combination of numbers mean?  

Thank You,



Dearest Jay,

I can for certain give you the interpretation of your LIFE(15) Numbers and what you Dream may indeed mean, so I will now begin.  

Immediately upon a quick glance at your Numbers and a moment of silence it all comes to ME(23) for I KNOW Numbers like no one else. There seems to be a lack in PURITY(11) within yourself or in your relationship, possibly relationships, and you want FREEDOM(7) from this impurity, so it indicates of Person you are good but there is an infraction of PURITY(11) somewhere.  

The other major indication within your Numbers are the Number 9 which is indeed PRAYER(9) and the Number 26 PROGRESS(26).  If you want to PROGRESS(26) along the lines of Greater PURITY(11) in Living then begin PRAYER(9).  Each Night before you fall asleep, while laying down Pray in complete abandonment of yourself to THE POWER(96) of LIFE(15) Itself and ask for Greater PUIRITY(11) within your everyday living, and I TELL YOU ABSOLUTELY this will begin to manifest Itself!  

Here is my quote on PURITY(11):  


Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it. 

Your love should thus be.

Master Sage Joseph M


Thanks for your assessment, this certainly has provided great insight. Jay

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----- Original Message -----

Hello, my name is Viky. I AM (47), the reason I discovered You in Myself. I cryed of happyness and satisfaction, I cryed tears of Joy. I know the TRUTH(33) in LOVE(14) and LOVE(14) in TRUTH(33), and the absence of either can't make the other. I Admire Your MIND(0) and Felt Your Words.                           

I Thank You For Your Time In Reading my email, and as I say "LOVE(14) is in You, in LOVE(14) we Trust"


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From: Angel

To: Master Sage Joseph M

Subject: dream numbers 5-6-777, number 9


My name is Angel and I have dreams that give me information or warnings. I had a dream I did not understand that I could not interpet it had to do with numbers. I was walking in the forest andand I heard my name being called they said Angel... I got closer their was a old wizard standing over a table and said look he showed me these numbers 5-6-777 and then I woke up for the last week it always pops in my head this dream when he showed me the numbers I remember the number 6 was not as bold as the 5 and 777. I Came across your website and thought you may get something out of what these numberes represent andwhy did I need to see them. I hope you can help also since I was a kid the number 9 always seems to be in my life along with 50.

Hope to hear from you,


Sacremento Ca


Hi Angel,

It is nice to hear from you, I will do my utmost to help with the interpretation and understanding of your dream. Thee Trinity Creation is a System of Mind whose very language is that of Spiritual Numbers and Symbols. I always use Thee Trinity Creation`s language in my interpretation of anything concerning Numbers for they speak to me in combinations of single and double digits, this is the language of Thee Trinity Creation. I also interpret Sacred Geometric Symbols but Numbers are far more visibly present in everyone`s Life. I clear my Mind of distracting thoughts and the Numbers literally speak to me.

Instantly when I saw your numbers incredibly the Sevens is the first group to "jump" out at me. A core Number grouping within Thee Trinity Creation is that of Seven`s, and three Sevens is certainly significant. These Numbers are saying that you want FREEDOM(7) and the way to achieve that end is through the development of WISDOM(77). It is through WISDOM(77) that we in Truth discover FREEDOM(7). And the two Numbers preceding these Sevens are very supportive of this; they are of finding DIRECTION(5) and developing a a strong MOTIVATION(6) in order to achieve the FREEDOM(7) you Desire. Because I know very little of you or your Life I cannot say specifically what this FREEDOM(7) is you are seeking but it should be calling out to you, or it should at least now be making itself known. The fact that the Number 5 was the most bold is indicative of finding a new DIRECTION(5) in Life, and amazingly your dream contains a Wizard which is significant of WISDOM(77) and being in the Forest indicative that he is attempting to give the proper DIRECTION(5) so that you do not become lost, so that you do not become lost within this world. DIRECTION(5) is what you need to attain the FREEDOM(7) you want which invariably is linked to WISDOM(77).

Now again amazingly the Number 9. Thee Trinity Creation is built upon the base number 3, hence Trinity of which 9 is an extremely Powerful Number (the Nine`s). In this case the nine supports all of the other numbers in that 9 means PRAYER(9). PRAYER(9) can be defined as that which allows you to connect in a more Powerful way to the Spiritual Energy that underlies all of Life. It may be Meditation, deep contemplation, or PRAYER(9) in which your whole Being is tightly focused in the connecting of the Universal Love and in the Fulfillment of your deepest Desire; in this case you Desire FREEDOM(7). And finally the Number 50, which is indicative of a strong PRESENCE(50) that was within you wanting to move you towards a certain path in Life, this presence is of the Spiritual realm and now it is becoming very strong, hence the dreams and their immutable association to these Numbers that have been with you since childhood. I would not concern yourself with this being a warning, rather it is a very strong message that is telling you to develop the WISDOM(77) necessary to give you the FREEDOM(7) that you so deeply Desire, that has probably been with you all your Life.


Please let me know if I have Truly been of help to you, and if there is anything more you may want of me just ask, I will do my utmost to grant you it.

Angel is such an appropriate name for you indeed.

Master Sage Joseph M


Hi Sage Joseph

I want to thank you for helping me to understand what the numbers represented.And everything you said was true to what I have been feeling I been for the longest time have been striving to be self supporting in my own business and recently have merged with a co-worker by the way is Paladin I also have told her about you and your awesome website.Paladin has started a program called the Matriarch for woman and children to help woman with housing and a soup kitchen and also provide services for job placement for them.And my company is called Angels On Board I am focused on the senior citizens programs and childrens workshop for the betterment of independence to not be totally depended on just hand outs but to work and provide a decent living for them selves.As you know when you are starting a new business you still have to pay bills but I quit working a day job because I did not have time to work on my projects so I have taken a leap of faith and I have been praying a lot and God is good and has been here with me. And your interpretation of these numbers were right I am still researching a lot of information and I have a lack of knowledge I need to concore so it was great to know the wizard came to guide me so I will find my way to freedom now that is pretty cool to know you have some powerful backing that will help as long as you help yourself thanks EuGene I hope we chat again I did try to get into your chatroom but no one was their.

Thanks so much for taking the time ......Angel

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Dear Master Sage,


I have been doing meditation two times daily and I feel exuberated. My life is filling up with a great discoveries. And those are thanks to You!! Thanks for being so kind and positive in guiding me through.

With eternal love,


Self Empowering Meditation

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From: Jasmine

To: Master Sage Joseph M

Subject: Help with Numbers 3, 22, and 25 in a Dream

Hi my name is Jasmine and I had a dream with some numbers in it. I came across a websight that was giving answers to these dream questions. I 'm not sure if I got the right person but if you are Master Sage Joseph M I was wondering if maybe you could help me figure out what this dream meant. Last night I fell asleep and the next day me fiance tells me that I woke up shortly after I had fallen asleep and I said to him''baby I dreamt of numbers the numbers 3, 22, and 25. I dont remember waking up to tell him that but I do remember the numbers. If it's to much trouble can you please tell me what my dream meant I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,



Hi Jasmine,  

Your name is quite a nice one Jasmine, and your Numbers are of such Life Meaning. Since I do not have any particulars of your Dream but only the Numbers I will give you a full interpretation of these, and yes you have the right Person. I answer all of the emails Personally and yes my name is Master Sage Joseph M.  Now on to your unique set of Numbers.  

The Number 3 of Meaning is THE SYSTEM(3) which is with direct reference to Thee Trinity Creation which is THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) come down to the Earth on the Eventful evening of August 25, 1988. THis leads us to the Number 2 which of irrefutable Meaning REBIRTH(25). This is the day that I was Reborn into the TRUTH(33) and this is the day that we celebrate the Birth of Christ and Its Meaning is also for you Jasmine for in the World of the everyday and all of the stress and confusion that it presents us with regularly we need to anchor ourselves to something more, to something Pure, to something of PEACE(29) and of Eternal Conscious Energy for the few years that we live here on Earth are really so little time in the bigger scheme of things. This is where the Meaning of REBIRTH(25) comes into focus, try little by little to open yourself up to that Energy through deep Prayer, Meditation and a real attempt at living Greater TRUTH(33) but stay alert to those that may want to take advantage of your openness and Honesty as a Person. The Number 22 fits in Magnificently well into the description I just shared with you of the Numbers 3 and 25 for of Meaning it is STIMULATION(22), by this I Am making references to the senses of our body including sexual. Life would be so empty without STIMULATION(22) of the senses for we are a body with emotions and real feelings in addition to Being a Person of Mind and Spirit so I encourage living Life in the Fullness of the Person you are however when the STIMULATION(22) takes more from us that what it gives in the long run it must addressed, reduced and eventually eliminated. Remain Pure and whole as a Person and seek out STIMULATION(22) and enjoyment of body and emotion in ways that do not take from you in another time or another way.  

I expect that your Dream would have revolved around these themes and probably had a strong emotional/Sensual element to it but this I cannot say with certainty but what I have shared with you Jasmine of your Number Life Meanings is irrefutable for they are One within the Celestial Communication of Thee Trinity Creation in which the real Life Meaning of Numbers is Revealed to the World. The following stories should prove to be quite interesting for you Jasmine.

The Event

The Revelation

Yours Sincerely,

Master Sage Joseph M


Hi Sage Joseph,
I'm not sure if you remember me or not but you gave me some information on a dream I had a little while ago. I just wanted to thank you for interpreting what it meant for me. Since then I caught my fiance cheating on me and I had to throw him out of my life. Around the same time I got offered a new job that offered me great pay and I took it. Your dream interpretation was right on and I want to thank you for being so nice as to even answer my inquiry. I appreciate the time you took to do that. May the universe bless you and your family with all the good things you deserve.

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